Ubuntu Lucid Lynx Release Party

Ubuntu-eg organized a release party for Ubuntu Lucid Lynx release in Cairo university. And I gave sessions on blender which I have divided it in two parts. An introduction to 3D Graphics and another part was practical on blender.

The Hall Before Starting

And the following sessions are given beside helping people to install the newest release of Ubuntu.

– Licensing and Free culture – Mohammed Gamal
– How to install Ubuntu – Mohammed Saudi
– Desktop programming using Qt – Ahmed Toulan
– Desktop programming using GTK – Mohamed Habib
– Drupal – Abdelrahman Ghareeb
– Joomla – Jonathan
– Software Alternatives and Desktop walkthrough – Mahmoud Mohammed
– Graphic design using Inkscape – Anas Emad
– Java programming on Ubuntu – Ahmed Saad
– Open source 3D graphics using Blender – Islam Al-Wazery
this sessions was parallel so every session was repeated all the day.

It was a good day and the thing that made me happy more than any thing is that I met a lot of people who have installed Ubuntu as the main operating system on their machines and alot of them asked me for the alternative programs for Windows on Linux, a lot of those people were new to open source and they wondered how free programs competes and wins!


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