Google introduced their new product called Google Buzz. According to the official announcement:

“Google Buzz is a new way to start conversations about the things you find interesting”.

This product will not be a separate product, but it will be built on top of GMail, so all you need to access or use this new product is to login to your GMail account It is also available on mobile version, so don’t worry if you are a mobile users big  grin.

For now, you can see the idea of Google Buzz by watching the official video below:

but the funny thing about Buzz which didn’t complete a week from it’s launch that it received the first Sue from Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC ) according to an article from Los Angeles Times because they claim that Google doesn’t respect the privacy of users and EPIC ask Google to edit buzz to give the user the option to participate or not becouse as they claimed google tries to use users’ private address books to create Buzz user follower lists without ask him. but Google said that it is ready to discuss with EPIC Which means the possibility of resolving the dispute amicably.


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